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Pixar’s Inside Out 2 is raising awareness around anxiety


CMHA Thunder Bay is amping up the conversation this summer.  

With the success of the animated Pixar movie, Inside Out 2, CMHA Thunder Bay is pleased to see the increased conversation around anxiety online and in the community, and the importance of addressing the stigma around expressing our emotions. 

Inside Out 2 continues the story of Riley, now a teenager facing new emotional challenges. Among these new emotions is Anxiety, an orange, frizzy-haired character who plans for the future and is constantly on guard for the worst. By showcasing these experiences, the movie serves as a powerful tool to spark conversations about mental health and anxiety management. 

“The movie highlights how complex anxiety can be,” said Tiffany Stubbings, Director of Program & Services. “In small doses, anxiety can be a good thing – it can motivate us and make us more productive.  But if feelings of tension, fear and worry are there too much of the time and get in the way of everyday activities, it could be the sign of a problem.” 

Like depression, anxiety disorders are a common problem. In fact, sometimes depression and anxiety occur together. 

If you’re struggling with managing your anxiety, help is available. CMHA Thunder Bay offers information on anxiety disorders at or to speak to someone in person, by calling or texting the Crisis Response 24/7 mental health phone line for the entire Northwestern Ontario Region. Trained staff are available to respond to calls or texts to listen, provide support and assist in finding solutions and offering resources to all incoming calls with their primary focus on assessment and mitigation of risk. 

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