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The Importance of Empathy Workshop – Recording Available for Viewing


With the ongoing pandemic and other current events, people have become increasingly aware of whether those around them are empathetic towards others.

While many people seem to do their best to make choices with others in mind, chances are you’ve encountered someone who seems to focus primarily on their own circumstances and is unwilling to consider the needs of others.

When this happens, it is often very difficult to understand how people can react in such different ways to the same set of circumstances.

Despite how challenging this might be, recent research has shown that it is incredibly important to be empathetic.

In fact, those who have higher levels of empathy are more likely to take steps to ensure the safety of vulnerable individuals in their community.

They are also less likely to experience mental health difficulties.

During Mental Health Week (May 2 – 8), this was the perfect time to help our community learn to be more empathetic and work towards better mental health.

Once again, we are honored to partner with the Sullivan + Associates Clinical Psychology to offer the free workshop  called, “The Importance of Empathy”.

View the Workshop Here: The Importance of Empathy Recording

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